Friday, December 4, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree...

Well today is the day that I have decided to go ahead and pull out all the Christmas boxes out from under the stairs and start decorating.  When you have a five year old little friend around who is so excited about Christmas and decorating the tree, it's hard to say no.  So we'll have a busy day today going through all the boxes and adding our favorite decorations on the tree.

It probably won't end up looking as pretty as this tree, but we'll do our best!  How about the rest of you?  Have you decided to finally put up your Christmas decorations?  Or will you be putting it off a little longer?  It is snowing here today so I figured the holiday season has begun!  :)


  1. We got our tree up last Saturday! It was soo fun, but you can tell that we are newly married and our first Xmas together (by the scarce lights on the tree and just a few ornaments... ohhh well!)

    Happy decorating to you!

  2. I'm hoping to put mine up this weekend as well. It's supposed to snow here tomorrow, so it really seems like the right time to do it!


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