Monday, November 30, 2009

Trying to get in the mood

Everywhere I look, Christmas decorations are popping up.  As soon as Thanksgiving is over it seems like people(and retail stores) are just hopping to get the Christmas spirit going.  Now, although I love the Christmas season, I'm not really in the mood to rush Christmas this year.  It's probably because there hasn't been snow on the ground yet really and I need that to feel Christmas-y.  And this year has flown by so fast that it just doesn't seem right that I will be turning 28 already in January.

But since many of my friends and family are already putting up those decorations, I figured that I better get in the mood for Christmas ASAP or I'll be too late in putting up the tree when I get back home.  I was browsing through some images to get my Christmas ideas flowing so I thought I'd share some inspiration with you!




Hopefully these images will spark your decorating imagination as well as mine!

Images from here.

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  1. LOVE those evergreen topiaries, and that red& white tablescape seems especially fresh to me - not your typical red/green/white affair.
    I'm with you on the whole trying-to-get-in-the-mood thing...I too am having a tough time getting in the spirit, but am hoping it'll all kick in when we travel to The States later this week!


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