Monday, December 21, 2009

{Get This Look} A Touch of Wallpaper

I've posted before about wallpaper and how it is really coming back big these days.  In my opinion it still must be used with care and in small doses and in a more modern print that the typical florals of the past.  So with that being said, here are a few examples of ways to use wallpaper sparingly in your home.

 This image shows wallpaper as the focal point of the room behind the fireplace.  Any more of this paper and it would feel too overwhelming, but this amount is perfect.  I love it tied in with the solid upholstered chairs and ottomans.

 This room has a dash of wallpaper on the ceiling.  I love this idea.  Keeping the walls bare and light keeps this room from feeling heavy.  Notice that the bed linens, pillows and curtains are not coordinated in the same pattern, nor should they ever be. (IMO)

This is a great idea for those wallpaper-phobes.  Adding a touch of pattern with wallpaper to the back of buffets, cabinets or bookshelves can be high impact with a low commitment.

Images from House and Home

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