Tuesday, December 22, 2009

{DIY Idea} Petal Pillow

This DIY project idea comes courtesy of  Do It Yourself Magazine.  I saw this pillow and just thought it was so cute.  It would be a fun way to spruce up your sofa or bed and I think anyone could do it!  Here are the step by step instructions from DIY mag:

Step #1:

What you’ll need:
Tailor’s chalk
Rotary pinking cutter
Cutting mat
Needle and thread

Get Started
1. Using a plate as a template, trace a circle on a felt piece with tailor’s chalk.

Step # 2:
From the outside edge, draw a 2-inch-wide spiral into the center of the circle.

Step # 3:
On a cutting mat, cut along the line with a rotary pinking cutter. Careful! The cutter is sharp.


Step # 4:
To start your flower, fold the circular center of the spiral up and over. Secure the base with several hand-sewn stitches in a matching thread.

Step # 5:
Complete several inches of running stitch along the spiral. Holding the thread, gather your fabric and secure it to the flower’s center. Continue stitching, gathering, and securing until you have a rose. Finish with a simple whipstitch, and trim off the leftover felt.

Step # 6:
Repeat Steps 1 through 5 to construct a second, smaller rose from your trimmed leftover felt. Secure the felt roses to the pillow.

Step # 7:
For the stem and leaves, hand-stitch small wood beads to your pillow fabric.

DIY Tip: Save time -- and your fingers -- by hot-gluing a strand of fun beads to the pillow. A simple running stitch of embroidery floss or pearl cotton is a great alternative to beads.

And there you have it!  A cute, cheap pillow to give your home some fresh color during the winter.  Now, you may be thinking that I am a bad blogger because these are not my own pictures and I haven't actually done this craft myself but I am here to say that if I had more time before Christmas, I would definitely be trying this cute pillow!  Unfortunately I still have to clean my house for company and finish my shopping and wrapping presents.  So for those of you that are WAY ahead of me, you can try this project this week.  But I'm guessing most of us will have to put this in our DIY files and pull it out another day.  I think that is totally acceptable and I still want to be able to share fun DIY projects with you every week, even if I have no time to do them myself right now.  Someday I will!! 

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