Thursday, November 19, 2009

DIY: Chalkboard Frame

Here's a DIY idea, I stumbled across today while browsing House and Home.  This would be such an easy thing to recreate at home.  Just take any old picture frame or mirror that you like, and paint either the mirror glass or frame backing with chalkboard paint.  Chalkboard paint is available at any hardware store and it comes in many colors.

I plan on trying this idea myself by finding an old frame or mirror at a thrift store and then going to town with the chalkboard paint.  How easy!


  1. I would LOVE to do this - I want a GIANT version, though! Oh, and have to figure out a way to ship chalkboard paint, no such thing in Brazil {boo}

  2. This looks great! I'm pondering where we could do it :-)


  3. A you gotta love chalkboard paint and it comes in different colors now too. What fun!


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