Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Reading Wish List

One of the things I love to do in the summer is to grab a lawn chair, a fruity drink and lather up with sunscreen to sit outside and enjoy a good book. Here are a few interior design books on my summer reading wish list.....

This book looks like a great reference book as well as a good tool to work on interior design drawings from sketches, to plans, elevations and sections. I have a pretty good handle on Auto Cad at this point, but I would definitely like to improve my hand drafting and sketching skills. In a client meeting we won't always have the luxury of Auto Cad near us and should know how to quickly sketch an idea or plan concept.

Has anyone read this one from House Beautiful? I love the magazine so I can only assume the book will be just as good.

This book looks really interesting. I think that most of us would like our design work to help the world and not hinder it. Coming from a social work background, I often struggle with the fact that I left a field dedicated to helping people, but finding ways to help people creatively with design is the best of both worlds for me and helps relieve some of that guilt.

I have this book and have only skimmed through it so far to help with writing my letter of agreement for my design business, but it has tons of forms that interior designers use in their business practices from contracts, to purchase agreements and other legal forms. It even includes a CD-ROM of all the forms so you can easily use them and make them your own.

I started reading this book while I was in school for my Professional Business Practices class. I love this one because it is filled with practical information that every designer needs to know before starting her own business. I have to finish reading this one this summer since I didn't get through it during the school year.

I'm hoping this book will help strengthen my perspective hand drawing skills. (one of my summer goals) Find out more about it here.

So those are just a few of the books on my list, but I know I will be constantly adding more as cross some off of my list. I'm hoping the library carries a few of these or I will be reading these at a slow pace so I don't break my piggy bank.

How about you? Do you have any great interior design books on your shelf that you can't live without? I would love any and all recommendations you might have!


  1. Hi! I was just on High Heeled Foot In The Door and your profile picture was so pretty I had to pop over, so glad I did! I am looking for a good book too. Let me know if you read the House Beautiful book, I am with you, I like the magazine so I bet I will like the book.

  2. I got the House Beautiful book and I wasn't too crazy about it. Maybe I'll have to give it another shot.

    I'm so excited to read about all your other picks. I'm going to have to get a couple and read up!


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