Thursday, June 4, 2009

Looking for a quick fix?

If you've been craving some stainless steel and granite countertops in your kitchen, there are two new products on the market that were just introduced at this year's KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) that might be a quick fix until you can rake in the big bucks to get the real thing.

Giani Granite is a granite paint kit that claims to turn your laminate countertops into the look of granite. You can watch the video here to see for yourself how it works. After watching the video, I am a little skeptical of how this would really look close up. You basically use a sponge paint technique to apply different paint colors to achieve the depth that you would see in granite. I can see this working for someone who is a good painter, but for someone like me I think it would be a disaster. Plus, I would think that it would be fairly obvious that this is paint and not granite.

The other product is Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel. This is a 100% stainless steel paint product made with durable, automotive grade water- based coating. It claims to transform your old appliances with Liquid Stainless Steel to give them the look of stainless for a fraction of the cost. After watching the video here I am more impressed with this product than the Giani Granite because it looks like you could actually get the grain of stainless steel by using the foam brush that comes with the kit. It would still be a shot in the dark, but I'd be willing to try this for $49.95 and see what happens. It might take a little more convincing for the hubby though. I'd say if you're looking to save a few bucks and want a quick fix, give it a try! If you're like me and probably won't be happy until you can get the real thing then we might just want to keep saving those pennies!

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  1. Hmm they both sound interesting. Like you though I'm a little scared that the faux granite might look a little too much like a bad sponge paint job, but if you have nothing to lose it might be good just to try it out.


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