Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Plinth and Chintz

I don't know if you have heard of Plinth and Chintz or not, but I must share this site! The mission of Plinth and Chintz, as stated on their website, is this:

To bridge the gap between the student / educational community and the professional / manufacturer community of the interior design world, and not to die of boredom while we do it.

The website is a series of articles geared towards interior design students, emerging professionals and professionals. The articles are written by designers and students in the industry offering up their advice and experience in everything from finding that first job, to etiquette while dining out with clients and co-workers, to math tips for designers, and dressing for the job. You could spend a full day delving into these articles and you wouldn't even be close to finishing. There is so much good information on this site! Designers can even write for the site by contributing articles on subjects where they have something to share and add with other designers.

Check it out!

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