Monday, October 26, 2009

Creating an Inviting Entry to your Home

 Today I was searching for ideas for entryways and came across some great examples that I thought I'd share with you.  Since the entry is the first area of your home that guests see, it is important to set the tone for the rest of your house there.  Entry's should be welcoming and organized.   It is likely that most of us throw down handfuls of stuff there when we are walking in the door from our busy days and I'd say it's safe to assume that we don't want our guests tripping over all our piled up stuff when they come to visit us.  Entryways are also a great place to get creative and add some fun color.  They are usually small spaces to don't be afraid to make this a "wow" space.  So here are a few examples of entryways that are both welcoming, colorful and organized:

This is probably a larger foyer than most of us have, but I love the symmetry of this space.  Some ideas that we can take from this example are:  Using two console tables, matching mirrors, plant and lamp all add to the cohesive look to this area.  Including a unique set of doors and a fun light fixture will add interest to the first room in your home.

 Bright and airy walls and door add to the open feeling of this entry.  A simple furniture piece covers what looks like to be an unsightly radiator.  Simple artwork and some fresh flowers are welcoming.  Notice only one pair of boots are here, not ten pairs.  The patterned rug adds some subtle texture and interest here.

 This is one of those "wow" entryways for people who love color.  For those of you that think this is too much color, don't be afraid to paint one wall or use bright colors in the accessories and furniture with neutral walls for this small space.  If you are someone who wants a completely separate entry space from the rest of your house, adding seamless glass doors like this that are un-framed will visually separate the space without looking heavy.

 Using some standout pieces in any entryway is really fun.  Take a look at that beautiful ghost chair.  Usually seating in this area is a must to aid people in putting on their shoes, so an extra garden stool shown here under the table is great.  A beautiful container for storing umbrellas is a wonderful way to keep the entry neat and organized.  The table in the space allows enough room to throw down mail, keys and other items that you might need in this area.

 This entry screams real life to me.  Families have a lot of "stuff" and it all needs a place to be.  Take ideas from this entry by hanging wire baskets to store mail and other items that pile up in this area.  Large baskets on the floor can encourage your children to toss in their mittens and scarves and keep this area organized.  Hooks for jackets, umbrellas, watering cans and brooms can make it easy to keep the entry clean and accessible to grab items on your way out the door.  A bench with built-in storage will allow you to keep unsightly items hidden away.

Another way to keep your kids stuff organized is by adding cute cubbies like these to encourage each child to take care of their own space.  If  you don't like to look at all of your jackets and boots, adding doors to this shelving unit will hide everything away.

Add some drama to your entry by painting the walls a dark, rich color and adding a small, comfy sofa to sit on.  Some fun artwork and lighting will finish off your welcoming and cozy entry.

Adding subtle stripes to your walls with paint can make the entry area interesting without going over the top.  A mirror is nice to check yourself before you walk out the door and plant life is always a good idea here.  Adding two chairs on either side of a console table adds to the formality of an entry, where a bench will be more casual.

Hopefully these ideas will help you get going on creating a welcoming, organized and interesting entryway that you will be proud to invite your guests into your home to see!

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