Thursday, August 13, 2009

Design Styles

So I was reading jeune marie's blog today and she was talking about the Home Goods StyleScope quiz and what her results were for her design style. I thought it might be fun to see what my results would be so I took the quiz too. Here's what it said about my design style:

I thought it was a pretty good description of what I like and I think the pictures above are a good representation, although my home definitely does not represent this right now. My home is more earthy casual in my opinion. And while I like earthy casual and all that goes with that style, I have been wanting to shake things up in my home for quite some time now. I've been realizing that my style tastes are constantly evolving and I have a much greater appreciation for all different types of design styles than I ever did before. One thing I do really like about my home is all the different textures that I have in different objects around my house. I've always been drawn to texture in fabrics, vases, baskets, ceramics, furniture, etc. Just for fun, I went around my house and took pictures of all the different textures that I currently have out in my space. Take a look! What kinds of cool textures do you have in your house?

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  1. Oh what fun. I have to go and see what I get on the test! Fun!


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